What is Sit Down Comedy?

I remember the moment quite vividly, the moment that brought me to this…or rather the moment that regrettably brought this to you. I was at the reception of a friend’s wedding. It was early evening right at that tipping point in every wedding reception when the guests realize that the time to truly celebrate has […]

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The Art of the Exit

We’ve all been there, those moments when you find yourself in a painfully awkward conversation with someone who you either a) don’t really know, b) don’t really like, or c) have absolutely nothing in common with. What do you do? What are your socially acceptable options? Can you just leave the conversation? Read on and discover The Art of the Exit.

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Nude Males

This story isn’t what you think it’s about, then again maybe it is.  It’s about nude males. Not that long ago I joined a fitness club. This wasn’t any old fitness club, this wasn’t some run of the mill fitness club where any old pleb can walk off the street and become a member.  This […]

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