What is Sit Down Comedy?

I remember the moment quite vividly, the moment that brought me to this…or rather the moment that regrettably brought this to you. I was at the reception of a friend’s wedding. It was early evening right at that tipping point in every wedding reception when the guests realize that the time to truly celebrate has finally arrived.  The nervous energy associated with the speeches, the tears, and the drunken Uncle had all dissipated – that was all in the rear-view mirror. The newlyweds were floating on cloud 9, the bartender was standing at attention ready to serve, and the DJ was setting up his gear for the long night ahead.  It was the tipping point.

Just as the bartender was serving his first drink of the evening, I found myself being asked to recount one of my favourite personal tales to a small group of eager listeners.  My tales are not works of fiction that have been meticulously crafted over time, no one would believe them if they were.  No, despite my ongoing efforts to convince myself to the contrary, these tales are all true.  The one redeeming quality they all share however is that they make people laugh – and not necessarily with me.  As that one particular story unfolded that night, the small group grew, and grew some more. By the end, our table was jammed, limited seating proving no obstacle.   The fine folks around me had come for a wedding, but had suddenly found themselves with front row seats to the Circus.  It was a tipping point in more ways than one that night. Surrounded by relative strangers who were having equal difficulty in maintaining bladder control as I was, the switch finally flicked – Charles Dickens was a genius, but could he do weddings?

These are the stories that retell the far too numerous occasions in my life where seemingly innocuous events progress into the most ridiculous yet satisfying outcomes.  They all have one thing in common; I graciously and unapologetically place myself firmly as the butt of the joke, for my pleasure and yours. So Sit Down and make yourself comfortable, I hope you enjoy.



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