What is Sit Down Comedy?

At the reception for a friend’s wedding in 2012, I found myself recounting one of my favourite personal stories to a small group of interested listeners.  Rather, I found myself being asked for the countless time to recount one of my favourite personal stories to a small group of interested listeners.  My stories seem to make people laugh, both with me and at me.  More often than not, it’s a case of the latter rather than the former. As the story unfolded that night, that small group grew, and grew, and grew some more, all laughing – some with me, but most at me.

In the end, our table was jammed full, limited seating proving no obstacle.  I was feeling more like a preacher in front of a packed Sunday morning congregation than the slightly disheveled and drunk wedding reveler I was.  For most, the light may have gone off a good few years prior.  For me, it took some additional time, I am always running a little bit behind the pack.  But surrounded by relative strangers with tears in their eyes, the switch flicked for me that night – the broader population at large could collectively feel better about itself if given the opportunity to laugh at someone else’s expense.  A good story can be told, and of course a good story can be written.

These are the stories that retell the far too numerous occasions in my life where a seemingly innocuous and predictable series of events progress into the most ridiculous and satisfying (for you, not for me) outcomes.  As I write this, the stories span 15 years of my history.  Trust me, it’s a veritable treasure trove.  Other stories have yet to be written,  but they too will find a home here.  The stories all have one thing in common, I graciously and unapologetically place myself firmly as the butt of the joke, for my pleasure and yours. So sit down and get comfortable, I hope you enjoy.

And if you do enjoy, be sure to spread the word – become a follower of  this blog and please comment and share, let’s see where this can go.  Tell your friends, tell your neighbours, tell your dentist and garbage collector too.  I will be looking to you for inspiration for future blog entries, consider this a 2 way dialogue.  If you have a story to tell, pass it on through the “Make Me Laugh” link, it may just find a home here as well.